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Every photography assignment is as unique as the people involved & we have spent a long time wondering what makes us different to other photographers. And that's just it, our approach is based on individuals & their needs & not a formula or package. Yes we have a plan but this isn't scripted or rigid, because that's not what people are about. Things constantly change & we are always ready to move with the moment. We capture the emotion of the day rather than produce a catalogue of images. There is a difference & if you understand what I'm saying please get in touch.

Paula & David

WeddingsPosted by Tony Wheeler Wed, October 05, 2011 21:41:22
This was always going to be an emotional one, Paula has been friends with Sharon for over 20 years & they have shared so much. Paula did so well to overcome the obstacles life had thrown at her leading up to the wedding but her love for David kept her focussed on their day. Many thanks to my boys who stepped in to assist, allowing me to capture some stunning images.

The words I have used before to describe Paula & David were echoed in the speeches, as a couple they just fit. To love, friends & happy ever after here's to Mr & Mrs Tomkinson x

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Shauna & Scott

WeddingsPosted by Tony Wheeler Thu, August 04, 2011 00:11:53
Tried to quickly get a few of our favourite shots of their recent wedding posted before the lucky duo disappear on honeymoon for a couple of weeks. Another one of those examples of people making the occasion work. A great reward for the effort that went in to it. A great couple.

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Shauna & Scott

WeddingsPosted by Tony Wheeler Fri, July 29, 2011 00:16:40
We met up with Shauna & Scott to finalise their plans & took the opportunity to take some pre-wedding pictures. Our experience has shown that this is a vital element.

Getting married is a wonderful but stressful time with so much to organise and arrange. It's important to help couples relax, show them how great they look together, build their confidence in us and helps them relax a little more knowing that all they have to do is enjoy themselves on the big day and we'll be there to capture it. We had a great time and the usual laughs, it was nice to see Shauna enjoy herself right from the off, Scott was a natural, Owen was brilliant, Alyisha showed off her catwalk skills and Ashton was elusive. Typical family shoot really. Can't wait.

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Coming soon

WeddingsPosted by Tony Wheeler Wed, July 20, 2011 23:49:43
You couldn't ask to meet two nicer people than Paula & David. A lovely relaxed couple, until it comes to their engagement pics. "We want to go to where David proposed" not a problem we thought, nothing like an evening stroll in the countryside. "Oh and we want rain because, that's what we remember from when he went down on one knee." This month that wouldn't have been a problem. Last month there wasn't a drop to be seen when we needed it. Oh well, nothing for it but to hump gallons of the stuff and a watering can with us (yes that's the royal 'us', thanks Sharon). It's great to see Paula relaxed and enjoying herself again and David's such a good fit with her, if only the pair of loons could kiss each other without cracking up. But that's why we do pre wedding shoots, I can't wait for the big day.....

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Zoe & Paul

WeddingsPosted by Tony Wheeler Thu, June 23, 2011 22:38:56

I've been looking forward to this from day one. Zoe and Paul are one of those couples that it's been a joy to get to know. Friendly, relaxed, accommodating, warm (that word again!) people. Great individuals and a fantastic couple. Everyone should know people like this.

Luckily the boys were only a short drive away from the girls so we took this rare opportunity to capture some images of the boys getting ready although there's probably a good reason why these types of pictures don't feature in too many wedding albums.

It wasn't exactly Men Behaving Badly, probably because they had a couple of wise old geezers observing proceedings from the sidelines, but I'm sure you get the picture.

The girls on the other hand chose to do things a little differently. The pictures speak for themselves.

The Norman All Saints Church was a magnificent setting with great scenes all around and led superbly by the priest in charge Rev. David Fergus.

The day moved to the glorious Eastwood Hall where the friendly staff coped with the changing timescales.

The emotional speeches went on to reflect the laid back friendly, warm & loving nature of the couple and it was fantastic for us to be a small part of that. Zoe & Paul appreciated that the pictures are the only reminder of all the planning & anticipation that goes into such a special day & were fantastic sports. Here are a few of our favourite pictures.

Hope you have as much fun choosing them as we did taking them.

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Shaz & John

WeddingsPosted by Tony Wheeler Sun, May 15, 2011 23:42:48

10 years to the day of their original wedding, John & Sharon renewed their vows at Cossington's beautiful All Saints Church with Rector Revd. Richard Hopkins.

I don't think he was old enough to have performed the original ceremony although I did hear a whisper that Sharon was wearing her original wedding dress. Despite Sharon sprinting off down the aisle without John, at the end of the service, the love they shared was apparent throughout the day. Tenderness, glances exchanged, the pride & love in John's face as he watched his wife dance with his father. Sharon looked stunning, Ella was a beautiful bridesmaid & Joe was an ultra-cool teenager who amazingly managed to be elusive whenever there was a camera around.

It was a beautiful day with the ceremony followed by a hog roast and music in the marquee in the garden.

Everyone had a relaxed time, assisted in no small part by John's great choice in drinks for his guests, but what struck me most was the warmth and friendliness of both families. For me the day encompassed everything that these occasions should- children running around getting out of breath, guests singing & dancing, laughing together and that closeness that comes from years of shared experiences.

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Sebastien & Jas-The Real Thing

WeddingsPosted by Tony Wheeler Sun, May 15, 2011 22:31:28

This is long overdue but I've had a hectic time. Maybe it's just my age but life continues to fly by, (there is a lesson in there for anyone who wishes to state the obvious). It was touch and go, as I drove up the M1 on a Friday morning earlier this year, would the dirty black cloud disappear over the horizon or hang around to drop it's contents over Seb and Jas' wedding day?

Make up artist Zoe Peplow was adding a few finishing touches as I arrived so it was straight into action.

The ceremony was a relaxed informal affair in Sheffield Town Hall (which is a gorgeous building by the way) with a few friends but still their feelings for each other were obvious and I hope I managed to capture that in their pictures. After the ceremony they wanted to go to the Peace Garden via the Winter Gardens which were iconic Sheffield locations for them. They were great company and I really enjoyed taking some lovely relaxed shots of a couple very much in love.

Just a couple of treats left in store - a meal for the photographer (thank you very much). This is something to be recommended, especially if you want to get the best out of them on the day. And on the way home Seb & Bruno for a duet. Girls, you know what I mean...

As for the black cloud, well I don't remember getting wet through but we were too busy enjoying ourselves to care ....(and there's another lesson too!).

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Sebastien & Jas

WeddingsPosted by Tony Wheeler Sun, February 06, 2011 23:17:02

Mysterious ways..... I can't explain it, I don't understand it but life just sometimes has a way of making good things happen. I was lucky enough to benefit from one of these moments on Saturday and enjoyed a great afternoon in the company of a couple who had decided to do something a little different with their wedding. We got together in the pouring rain for a pre wedding shoot starting at Sheffield Cathedral and spent the next 4 hours trying to make the best of the appalling conditions. They were terrific sports and we all had a great time. Can't wait for the next instalment....

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