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Every photography assignment is as unique as the people involved & we have spent a long time wondering what makes us different to other photographers. And that's just it, our approach is based on individuals & their needs & not a formula or package. Yes we have a plan but this isn't scripted or rigid, because that's not what people are about. Things constantly change & we are always ready to move with the moment. We capture the emotion of the day rather than produce a catalogue of images. There is a difference & if you understand what I'm saying please get in touch.


PersonalPosted by Tony Wheeler Mon, January 24, 2011 23:27:26

Said goodbye to Hollie late last year. It doesn't matter how good an innings you have though, you still want more. Well she had a good one, and more and two cracking people to enjoy it with. I'm not sure she ever took to me though. Can't blame her really. I always used to get one of those looks like "It's him again. He's gonna sit in my seat. Again! Why do you think the blanket's there you plank!" And foolishly, I never took a golden opportunity to endear myself to her, by always cleaning my plate. Nothing personal Hollie but that's a really big ask, for a bit of my fry up at any time of the day, let alone 2 in the morning. She was a great model though and set an example to her owners when we grabbed these last year. See you later old girl....

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