Cheryl and LeeBump Shots

Posted by Tony Wheeler Wed, May 09, 2012 00:10:14

Been away from my camera for too long but thankfully the decorating is now finished. Thanks to Carla & Rob for pointing Cheryl & Lee in our direction for some pregnancy pictures. True to form it's another rush job "I'm 8 months so we'll need to get a move on!!" It must be something in the hormones but anyway, I'm glad she did get in touch. We had a great laugh working in my new room. A terrific couple with a great sense of humour, on the verge of their first child, can't wait to meet him and see you again in the near future to dust off that wedding dress smiley. Here's a couple of pictures that we feel capture different aspects of your personalities. Especially that serenity & radiance! Have a safe delivery and we hope there aren't many more nights of Yahtzee for you x

Paula & DavidWeddings

Posted by Tony Wheeler Wed, October 05, 2011 21:41:22

This was always going to be an emotional one, Paula has been friends with Sharon for over 20 years & they have shared so much. Paula did so well to overcome the obstacles life had thrown at her leading up to the wedding but her love for David kept her focussed on their day. Many thanks to my boys who stepped in to assist, allowing me to capture some stunning images.

The words I have used before to describe Paula & David were echoed in the speeches, as a couple they just fit. To love, friends & happy ever after here's to Mr & Mrs Tomkinson x


Posted by Tony Wheeler Sun, September 25, 2011 15:35:08

Belle is another model who contacted me to update her portfolio. She was fantastic at communicating & was adaptable when the forecast of fine weather actually gave us showers which were set to stay for the duration of the shoot. As always, I had researched the site prior to meeting which allowed us to make use of the surroundings despite the rain. We got some fantastic images.


Posted by Tony Wheeler Sun, September 25, 2011 15:30:06

Gina is a friend of Sophie's & came along for support. She decided to get involved & give modelling a try. We worked on her poses, angles & expressions, which wasn't as easy as it sounds when the light was suggesting one angle but the wind had other ideas & blew her hair in the opposite direction. We had a lot of fun & produced some great images.

Sophie Models

Posted by Tony Wheeler Sun, September 25, 2011 15:25:37

On the way to witness the renewal of Sharon & John's vows we noticed a disused boat & it seemed like a great backdrop for a fashion shoot I had in mind, dreamy sunset feel. When I was contacted by Sophie to work with her on images to update her portfolio, the boat immediately sprang to mind. When we googled it to see whether it was accessible there was no sign of the boat but thought this was down to the google maps site. But when we arrived it proved that the boat was obviously not as abandoned as we had thought, it had gone.

Looking around for an alternative site we came across a fabulous field of sunflowers. Unfortunately she was unable to stay until sunset so I had to improvise with flashes & coloured gels. These are a selection of my favourites.

Shauna Reactions

Posted by Tony Wheeler Sun, August 07, 2011 09:19:22

Thankyou could not have done it without you, you were both brilliant even helping me get dressed lol smiley xx Shauna

Shauna & ScottWeddings

Posted by Tony Wheeler Thu, August 04, 2011 00:11:53

Tried to quickly get a few of our favourite shots of their recent wedding posted before the lucky duo disappear on honeymoon for a couple of weeks. Another one of those examples of people making the occasion work. A great reward for the effort that went in to it. A great couple.

Shauna & ScottWeddings

Posted by Tony Wheeler Fri, July 29, 2011 00:16:40

We met up with Shauna & Scott to finalise their plans & took the opportunity to take some pre-wedding pictures. Our experience has shown that this is a vital element.

Getting married is a wonderful but stressful time with so much to organise and arrange. It's important to help couples relax, show them how great they look together, build their confidence in us and helps them relax a little more knowing that all they have to do is enjoy themselves on the big day and we'll be there to capture it. We had a great time and the usual laughs, it was nice to see Shauna enjoy herself right from the off, Scott was a natural, Owen was brilliant, Alyisha showed off her catwalk skills and Ashton was elusive. Typical family shoot really. Can't wait.