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Every photography assignment is as unique as the people involved & we have spent a long time wondering what makes us different to other photographers. And that's just it, our approach is based on individuals & their needs & not a formula or package. Yes we have a plan but this isn't scripted or rigid, because that's not what people are about. Things constantly change & we are always ready to move with the moment. We capture the emotion of the day rather than produce a catalogue of images. There is a difference & if you understand what I'm saying please get in touch.

Sebastien & Jas-The Real Thing

WeddingsPosted by Tony Wheeler Sun, May 15, 2011 22:31:28

This is long overdue but I've had a hectic time. Maybe it's just my age but life continues to fly by, (there is a lesson in there for anyone who wishes to state the obvious). It was touch and go, as I drove up the M1 on a Friday morning earlier this year, would the dirty black cloud disappear over the horizon or hang around to drop it's contents over Seb and Jas' wedding day?

Make up artist Zoe Peplow was adding a few finishing touches as I arrived so it was straight into action.

The ceremony was a relaxed informal affair in Sheffield Town Hall (which is a gorgeous building by the way) with a few friends but still their feelings for each other were obvious and I hope I managed to capture that in their pictures. After the ceremony they wanted to go to the Peace Garden via the Winter Gardens which were iconic Sheffield locations for them. They were great company and I really enjoyed taking some lovely relaxed shots of a couple very much in love.

Just a couple of treats left in store - a meal for the photographer (thank you very much). This is something to be recommended, especially if you want to get the best out of them on the day. And on the way home Seb & Bruno for a duet. Girls, you know what I mean...

As for the black cloud, well I don't remember getting wet through but we were too busy enjoying ourselves to care ....(and there's another lesson too!).

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