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Every photography assignment is as unique as the people involved & we have spent a long time wondering what makes us different to other photographers. And that's just it, our approach is based on individuals & their needs & not a formula or package. Yes we have a plan but this isn't scripted or rigid, because that's not what people are about. Things constantly change & we are always ready to move with the moment. We capture the emotion of the day rather than produce a catalogue of images. There is a difference & if you understand what I'm saying please get in touch.

Zoe & Paul

WeddingsPosted by Tony Wheeler Thu, June 23, 2011 22:38:56

I've been looking forward to this from day one. Zoe and Paul are one of those couples that it's been a joy to get to know. Friendly, relaxed, accommodating, warm (that word again!) people. Great individuals and a fantastic couple. Everyone should know people like this.

Luckily the boys were only a short drive away from the girls so we took this rare opportunity to capture some images of the boys getting ready although there's probably a good reason why these types of pictures don't feature in too many wedding albums.

It wasn't exactly Men Behaving Badly, probably because they had a couple of wise old geezers observing proceedings from the sidelines, but I'm sure you get the picture.

The girls on the other hand chose to do things a little differently. The pictures speak for themselves.

The Norman All Saints Church was a magnificent setting with great scenes all around and led superbly by the priest in charge Rev. David Fergus.

The day moved to the glorious Eastwood Hall where the friendly staff coped with the changing timescales.

The emotional speeches went on to reflect the laid back friendly, warm & loving nature of the couple and it was fantastic for us to be a small part of that. Zoe & Paul appreciated that the pictures are the only reminder of all the planning & anticipation that goes into such a special day & were fantastic sports. Here are a few of our favourite pictures.

Hope you have as much fun choosing them as we did taking them.

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