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Every photography assignment is as unique as the people involved & we have spent a long time wondering what makes us different to other photographers. And that's just it, our approach is based on individuals & their needs & not a formula or package. Yes we have a plan but this isn't scripted or rigid, because that's not what people are about. Things constantly change & we are always ready to move with the moment. We capture the emotion of the day rather than produce a catalogue of images. There is a difference & if you understand what I'm saying please get in touch.


ModelsPosted by Tony Wheeler Sun, September 25, 2011 15:25:37

On the way to witness the renewal of Sharon & John's vows we noticed a disused boat & it seemed like a great backdrop for a fashion shoot I had in mind, dreamy sunset feel. When I was contacted by Sophie to work with her on images to update her portfolio, the boat immediately sprang to mind. When we googled it to see whether it was accessible there was no sign of the boat but thought this was down to the google maps site. But when we arrived it proved that the boat was obviously not as abandoned as we had thought, it had gone.

Looking around for an alternative site we came across a fabulous field of sunflowers. Unfortunately she was unable to stay until sunset so I had to improvise with flashes & coloured gels. These are a selection of my favourites.

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